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Silver Coating – Mil Spec: QQ-S-365C

White matte to very bright in appearance. Good corrosion resistance, depending on base metal. Will tarnish easily. Hardness varies from about 90 Brinnell to about 135 Brinnell depending on process and plating conditions. Solderability is excellent, but decreases with age. Best electrical conductor. Has excellent lubricity and smear characteristics for anti-galling uses on static seals, bushings, etc.


Type IMatte
Type IISemi-Bright
Type IIIBright
Grade AWith Supplementary tarnish resistant treatment
Grade BWithout Supplementary tarnish resistant treatment

* Thickness is .0005” min. unless otherwise specified.

ASTM Designation: B 700

Surface Appearance

Grade A, Mat – Electrodeposits without luster.

Grade B, Bright – Electrodeposits obtained by the use of brighteners in the electroplating bath.

Grade C, Bright – Mechanical or chemical polishing of Grade A silver coatings.

Grade D, Semibright – The use of addition agents in the electroplating bath.

Supplementary Surface Treatment

Specify by Class in letter code as follows:

Class N – No supplementary tarnish treatment

Class S – Supplementary tarnish treatment – not suitable for food service applications.


ApplicationThickness, µm

Minimum for short-term shelf life solder-ability1
Minimum for contact connectors having limited wear2.5
Nominal thickness for thermo-compression bonding and nominal thickness for domestic hollowware5
Medium-quality hollowware, short-life domestic cutlery and flatware, and suggested thickness for thermocompression bonding and die attachment for semiconductors10
Normal hotel flatware and high-quality domestic flatware and hollowware20
Applications where very severe wear resistance is required, such as machine bearings and for high-quality flatware40

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