Outstanding Customer Service Backed by Exceptional Quality

“Silvex has consistently delivered a high level of quality and service which has allowed us to grow our business.”

– Mersen

“In the five-years that we have partnered with Silvex Inc., Oneida has enjoyed excellent quality, reliable service and has benefited from the industry knowledge they bring to our partnership.”

– Oneida

“Congratulations to your entire organization for successfully plating the first 60-foot beam tube for use in the superconducting supercollider (SSC).

“I wanted to let you know that opinions on the SSC beam tube plating of experts from several universities, laboratories, other plating houses and even our own experts in electro chemistry ranged from extremely difficult, and therefore impractical, to impossible. Yours was the only company to exude the confidence that our requirements could be met in a straight forward manner without extensive development. This ‘can do’ attitude and the quality of your proposal and oral presentations won you our contract. For an industrial vendor to attempt to do what has never been done before is rare but refreshing and necessary in a project of the scale of the SSC where over 108 miles of tubing must be plated.

“Your dedication, quality and productivity have exceeded all our expectations.”

– Brookhaven National Laboratory

“Thank you for the great service that your company has given us during these past few years. Our requirements for plating are very rigid. Some of the components that you plate are used in electronic equipment and go on towers over 2000 feet. They would be very costly to repair if we had any problems: Thanks to your excellent quality, we have had no failures.”

“We have found Silvex to be a high quality plating house whose performance has consistently been far above average. They have been particularly outstanding in their ability to provide technical assistance in platings and coatings…”

“During our initial meetings with Silvex, we became aware of their extensive knowledge of plating, their internal controls of plating processes and their strong quality control program. As our relationship has continued with Silvex, we have found them to be very responsive to inquiries concerning problems and their mutual solutions.”

“Your performance (in coating a variety of aircraft components) has been outstanding. High quality and quick turn around have greatly assisted us.”

– Pratt & Whitney

“Silvex personnel provide outstanding service to me. Silvex is a certified vendor, dock to stock supplier for us. Their record for quality and on-time delivery has allowed us to give them certified status. Great job overall!”

“The turnaround time is excellent! It’s been great doing business.”

“Excellent services & Quality!!!”

“Silvex is great. I’ve known you and done business for years. Your concern for the customer is most important. A family, local business, what could be better? Keep up the great work and communications.”

“It is a pleasure working with Silvex!”

– Masters Machine Co.

“I have enjoyed working with all my Silvex contacts during the past few years. In my opinion, you are the most reliable, responsive vendors. We probably seem pushy at times, as if we are your only customer, but you somehow manage to treat us that way and we appreciate it.”