Silvex has over 35 years of experience providing advanced plating technologies and quality finishes to prominent manufacturers such as Sig Sauer, Ruger, Windham Weaponry, and Bushmaster to name just a few. We offer our customers a variety of finishes in government and corporate specifications that are used on firearms including; hard anodize, Teflon ptfe, manganese and zinc phosphates, black oxide, electroless nickel, passivation and even silver or gold.

We also understand that the firearms industry requires strict adherence to deadlines, consistent quality, superb customer service and a “can-do” attitude. that is why we implemented lean manufacturing techniques, utilize part specific racking methods, and invested in multiple phosphate tanks to produce thousands of parts daily. It is stated on our mission statement that we will provide the expertise and service that enables our customers to achieve their goals.

Hard Anodize on Firearms Parts

Firearms Parts
Silvex provides a matte hard black anodize for many of today’s leading gun manufacturers on upper and lower receivers, pistol frames, handles, rail adapters, magazines, and numerous other components made of 6000 and 7000 series aluminum. Our process complies with MIL-A-8625 Type III Class 2 with coating thickness ranges from .001 to .002 with tolerances controlled to +/- .0002, with a 50% overall thickness penetration and a hardness of 350 vickers.

During the hard anodizing process, the parts are first grit blasted with our proprietary blasting media that mattes the aluminum prior to finishing and ensures consistency from one lot to the next. The parts are then racked on part specific designed rack fixtures that help minimize thickness variations, reduce rack marks, and prevent loss. Current is controlled in the sulfuric acid anodize solution via new energy efficient part programmable rectifiers that ensure consistency and eliminates the potential for human error. Most parts are then dyed black and sealed in nickel acetate, or teflon PTFE. Thicknesses are then verified utilizing a Fischer scope. Silvex also has the capability to provide our customers with dry film lubrication on the internal diameter of upper receivers.