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    From Anodizing to Electroplating

    Staff Directory

    Phil Ridley – C.E.F. – President – 207-887-1819

    Dan Atkinson – Executive VP – 207-887-1822

    Kyle Johnson – C.E.F. Quality Manager – 207-887-1808

    Aaron Atkinson – Sales/Marketing Director – 207-887-1818

    George Johnson – Operations Director – 207-887-1826

    Todd Canedy – CEF-Engineering Manager  – 207-887-1825

    Rodney Footer – Operations Sales Manager – 207-770-7032

    Matt Gamache – Planning Manager – 207-887-1815

    Penny Springer – Accounts Receivable – 207-887-1829

    Ron Watts – Production Manager – 207-887-1835

    Jake Lee – Customer Service/Work Order Entry – 207-887-1805

    Andrew Mills – Customer Service/Work Order Entry – 207-887-1815