Tin Plating

A white, nontoxic, solderable soft deposit, tin plating is useful for its conductivity and resistance to corrosion and tarnish. It is used primarily in the electronics, semiconductor and food packaging industries.

Tin Electroplating

There are two types of electroplated tin; bright tin and matte tin.

  • Bright tin is coated in an electroplating solution that uses brighteners and has an excellent bright, smooth, cosmetic appearance although it is susceptible to stress issues because of the organics used in the brighteners.
  • Matte tin which is dull white with small whiskers in appearance has less internal stress issues than that of bright tin because brighteners are not used.

Plating Thickness

The thickness coatings of tin plating can range from 1.5 microns for short-term contact applications to 30 microns for very severe service conditions.

Tin Plating Specifications

Typical specifications used for tin electroplating include Mil-T-10727 and ASTM B545.

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